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Ending -report-


August 8, 2219 AM 0:13




R-GRAY Fighting Report...

August 8 2219 0:13AM

The control machine (Juda Central System) of the colony Satellite, the Secilia collapsed.
Juda was leader of the Secilian allies.
Due to the shock, Colony Satellite changed its orbit.
Its orbit is now moving towards the Seraphim, a large sized gas planet,
and seems to be drawn in.

Etrulia City (the capital city) disappeared along with another 16 cities along the outskirts.
Satellite, the Secilia has lost 30% of its mass and is still collapsing.
Seventy percent of the 7 billion residence have already died
and the remaining 30% seem to have no hope for survival.
The Secilian allies lost its leader and the end to this war came to a close.


R-GRAY Combat Report...

August 8 2219 0:13AM

Juda Central System, the control machine of the Secilia Federation's core planet colony Secilia, has been destroyed.

The impact of this shifted Secilia's orbit, sending it spiraling into the orbit of the large gas planet Seraphim, into which it is expected to crash in the next few days.

The capital city of Etruria along with 16 surrounding cities have been annihilated.
The planet Secilia has lost 30% of its mass and is currently in the process of collapsing.
Of Secilia's 78 billion residents 70% have already died,
with the remaining 30% speculated to be hopeless.

The Federation of Secilia having lost its core, this war has come to an end.
PS版レイストームの“EXTRA MODE”のEDで流れる英文です。和訳はRAY-RAY CD-ROMより。ステージ設定には“ユダ中枢システム” とあるのに、訳には“ジュダ・セントラルシステム”とあります。
レイストームHDでは英語表現が違い、下部に和訳テロップが流れます。訳は最初の一文が「R・GRAY戦闘報告・August 8, 2219 AM 0:13」と中点を使っているくらいで、他は上記と同じです。




R-GRAY が存在したという記録もまた消滅し、
R-GRAY が帰還したという記録も残されていない。
Then, the Earth and Secilia have all disappeared.
And those who were involved in the technology "LAY"
and the evidences that it really existed have all disappeared without a trace.
Neither any record of R-GRAY ever existed,
nor any record of R-GRAY ever returning has been found.


And thus the Earth and Secilia were annihilated.

All of those involved in the LAY technology
as well as any evidence of its existence have vanished.

Neither records of the R-GRAY's existence nor its return remain.
PS版レイストームの“EXTRA MODE”を13機モード/初期設定以上の難易度でクリアした時に、EDの最後にこの英文が出ます。和訳はRAY-RAY CD-ROMより。

レイストームHD(13 PLANE MODE - EXTRA MODE)では英語表現が違い、下部に和訳テロップが流れます。訳は最初の一文が「そして・・・・・地球とセシリアは消滅し、」と中点を使っているくらいで、他は上記と同じです。

アーケードでは地球に帰還していますが、年表からも分かるように、こちらが真のエンディングです。PS版攻略本のインタビューにもありますが、“EXTRA MODE”をつくるにあたり1番変えたかったのはEDだそうなので…。

ちなみに初期設定より低い難易度でクリアすると上記の代わりに“However, we believe you have not played to your utmost ability. We hope you enter into a higher level of power next time.”(だが、君の実力はまだまだこんなものではないはずだ。次回は、上のランクで挑戦してくれ。)と出てきます。どこか1ステージでも初期設定未満だと(例えその他が高くても)こちらになってしまいます。